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(Province of PALERMO)

There’s no plant without roots, there’s no future without a past…Cinisi, the story of a town and its evolution.”

It is the intent of this Administration to develop a project whose aim is to strengthen our relationship with our immigrant Cinisi population.

Above all, our key objective is to preserve the history, the slices of life, and the human stories that make up the history of our town. These stories will also help to recount the evolution of our town, after WWI, and how the modern age has impacted our economy, our social fabric, our ability to communicate and travel.

We want to show a town that has evolved, in part thanks to our overseas citizens. Our immigrants, though they left their hometown, have maintained their values, the traditions, the cultural heritage and have continued to preserve them in the new world.

We cannot forget these stories, these slices of life, as they represent a rich heritage that belongs to each one of us.

It is incumbent upon us to keep those memories and stories alive and to preserve them for the new generations. These stories, as in the tiles of mosaic, will weave together a picture made of up of dreams full of hope that also masked a sense of suffering because they moved far from their roots and loved ones.

In a society where consumption and ease of movement is common among our new generation, it is imperative to capture the suffering and the extreme changes our immigrant population suffered both in their lives and in the lives of the dear ones.

What we aim to capture is testimonials which will be used as learning activities to help better understand the immigrant phenomenon of today and of the past. We want to highlight the reasons that led and continue to lead people to leave their families and their land in the hopes of creating a better future. It is our hope to capture the ways in which these immigrant phenomenon took place and the effect it created and continues to create today both on the immigrant himself/herself and in the society where they reside.

We are convincced that giving our young generation and our overall community a better understanding of our own immigrant stories, we will give them a deeper knowledge that these choices were not, by far, the easiest or best of options. This project wants to give a different perspective and how today’s value systems have changed. It will attempt to show that those who immigrate today, in most cases, do so to enhance their own individual career which, in turn, take away for the overall collaborative effort to grow their hometown.

Our overseas citizens will convey the love they nurture for our land reminding our new generation how fortunate they are to enjoy their youth in a serene and pleasant manner.

Our hope is that one of these young men/women may rediscover the love that they surely house in their heart for this town and that it will inspire them to dedicate themselves to cultural and civic involvement.

We, therefore, invite those who either immigrated or were effected by people who immigrated to contribute their story to help us create this wonderful mosaic of the phenomenon of immigration.

The launch of this project will take place on September 16, 2019 at 10:30am at the “Peppino Impastato” auditorium at the middle school where we will be able to enjoy the testimony of some of our fellow citizens that live abroad.

Cultural Commissioner for Overseas Residents The Mayor

& Deputy Mayor Gianni Palazzolo, Esq.

Aldo Ruffino, Esq.

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